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How to Choose the Perfect Board Game for Your Family Night Out


Welcome to our blog dedicated to family board games! Have you ever found yourself around a table, surrounded by your loved ones, laughing, challenging yourself and creating unforgettable memories? Family nights are special times when we can escape screens and distractions to truly connect with each other. And what better than board games to make those moments even more special?

In this blog, we're here to guide you in choosing the perfect board game for your family night out. Whether you're a parent looking to spend some quality time with your kids, a big sibling looking to entertain your little siblings, or even an adult looking to throw a fun night out with your friends, we've got recommendations. for all family members. Buckle up, as we'll take you on an exciting journey through the different categories of age-appropriate board games.

I. Take into account the age of the players

We know that age is an important factor to consider when choosing a board game . Each age group has its own preferences, abilities and levels of understanding. You want to make sure the game you choose is both fun and appropriate for each player's level of development. Let's take a closer look at the recommended board games for each age group.

A. Board games for toddlers (3-6 years old)

Toddlers are full of curiosity and boundless energy. This is the perfect time to introduce them to simple and interactive board games that stimulate their cognitive and social development. Toddler-friendly board games are designed to be easy to understand, with simple rules and game mechanics appropriate for their level. These games allow them to have fun while developing essential skills such as color recognition, hand-eye coordination and decision making.

Among the most popular board games for toddlers, we recommend " Monster Hunt ". In this game, kids work together to hunt down monsters hiding under their bed by rolling dice and collecting the correct cards. It's a great way to spark their imagination while building their team spirit.

Another popular game for toddlers is " The Orchard ". In this cooperative game , players must collect the fruits before the crow catches them. The children thus learn the notion of cooperation, sharing and patience.

B. Board games for children (7-12 years old)

School-aged children are at a stage of development where they like to take on challenges and hone their skills. Board games for this age range can be a bit more complex, adding elements of strategy, brainstorming, and friendly competition. This is an opportunity for them to develop skills such as planning, decision-making and critical thinking, while having fun.

One of the most popular board games for children is " Dixit ". In this artistic and imaginative game, players must guess picture cards using visual or verbal clues. Children can let their imaginations run wild while improving their ability to communicate creatively.

Another very popular game for this age group is ' Rail Adventurers '. Players must build railway tracks through different countries by collecting and using the correct cards. It's an exciting game that encourages strategy, planning and friendly competition.

C. Board Games for Teens and Adults

Teenagers and adults often seek out more complex challenges and games that allow them to strategically compete with their peers. This is a great time to explore more advanced board games that offer deeper game mechanics and engaging experiences. These games stimulate strategic thinking, long-term planning and negotiation, while providing moments of friendly competition.

One of the most popular board games for teenagers and adults is " Catan ". In this trading and strategy game, players must build and develop colonies on an island by collecting resources and trading with other players. It's a game that requires strategic thinking, adaptability and good business sense.

" 7 Wonders " is another popular game for this age group. In this civilization building game, players must build their own architectural marvel using cards and managing their resources. This is a game that tests short and long term strategic planning.

II. Consider family preferences and interests

When choosing a board game for your family night out, it's important to consider the preferences and interests of each family member. By considering their specific passions and tastes, you can find a game that inspires their excitement and engagement. In this part, we will explore two important aspects to consider: themed board games and cooperative board games.

A. Thematic board games

Themed board games are a great way to immerse the whole family in a specific and captivating universe. Whether you're passionate about animals, travel, or fairy tales, there's a themed board game to suit your interests. Let us explore some of these popular games.

" Concept " is a board game that emphasizes non-verbal communication. Players must use icons and pictures to guess a word or phrase using a game board filled with symbols. This game stimulates creativity and encourages players to think conceptually. Whether you are passionate about puzzles or enjoy expressing your imagination non-verbally, "Concept" is a great choice.

" Dobble " is another popular themed board game. This fast and fun game puts your observation skills to the test. Each card has several symbols and players must find the common symbol between two cards as quickly as possible. Whether you are passionate about animals, sports or geometric shapes, "Dobble" offers different themed versions that allow you to play according to your interests.

B. Cooperative board games

Cooperative board games are a great way to foster collaboration and team spirit within the family. Instead of competing, players must work together to achieve a common goal. These games encourage communication, collective decision-making and solidarity. Here are some popular cooperative games for your family nights.

" Pandemic " is a cooperative board game where players take on the role of specialists seeking to save the world from a global pandemic. Together you must find cures, share information and manage epidemics. This game requires strategic planning and good communication to overcome the challenges that come your way. If you're ready to band together as a team to take on global challenges, "Pandemic" is for you.

" Mysterium " is another exciting cooperative game where players have to solve a mystery cooperatively. A player embodies a ghost who communicates with other players through dream images. Players must interpret these visions to discover the identity of the murderer and the circumstances of the crime.

This game emphasizes cooperation, intuition and deduction. If you like puzzles and investigation games, "Mysterium" will transport you to a fascinating universe.

If you are also looking for a party game that can be played both with family and friends, we invite you to play Beat That! .

III. Assess the duration and complexity of the game

When planning a family night out, it's important to consider the length and complexity of the game. Some occasions lend themselves better to quick, simple games, while others allow for deeper immersion in longer games. and complex. Let's explore these two aspects.

A. Quick and easy board games

There are times when you're looking for board games that can be played quickly, whether it's for an afternoon coffee break or for an informal moment after dinner. Short and simple board games are perfect for these occasions. Here are some examples of quick and fun games.

" Jungle Speed " is a board game that tests your reflexes and observation. Players must dispose of their cards as quickly as possible by catching the central totem when a matching symbol appears. Be careful not to make a mistake, because mistakes can cost you additional cards. It's a simple, fast and full of excitement game.

" Uno " is a classic board game. In this card game, the goal is to get rid of all your cards by playing matching cards in color or value. Special cards add fun twists and turns. Whether you are with family or friends, "Uno" is a game that guarantees laughter and moments of complicity.

If you're looking for an easy-to-set-up game that you won't be able to live without, we can only invite you to check out our brand new Traitors on Board hidden identity game! . The latter was awarded a Toy Grand Prize and will be released next September.

B. Long and complex board games

Other times you want to immerse yourself in an in-depth gaming experience that requires more time and investment. Long and complex board games offer total immersion in universes rich in strategy and narrative immersion. Here are some recommendations for those evenings when you want a deeper playful adventure.

" Risk " is a classic game of military strategy where players must conquer the world by deploying their troops, planning attacks and making tactical decisions. This game can last for hours, but offers an epic gaming experience where diplomacy and resource management are key to success.

" Twilight Imperium " is a sci-fi board game that transports you to a futuristic universe. Players embody galactic civilizations and embark on a race for control of the galaxy. This complex game offers opportunities for deep strategy, negotiation and resource management. If you're ready to invest in an immersive and rich gaming experience, "Twilight Imperium" is here for you.


In this part of our blog, we have explored the importance of considering the preferences and interests of each family member when choosing

of a board game. Thematic board games offer immersion in captivating worlds, while cooperative games encourage collaboration and team spirit. Additionally, we addressed the length and complexity of the game, emphasizing the importance of adapting the game to the occasion and the time available. In the next part, we'll explore other aspects to consider when choosing the perfect board game for your family night out. Stay with us, the adventure continues!

We invite you to consult our blog on board games to discover all the benefits of board games on memory .

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