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All our board games are entirely made by our team of fun world enthusiasts .

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    Board games designed so that young and old can play and have fun together!

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    New games and varied concepts that appeal to both passionate than Sunday players...

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Our mission

Make you (re)discover the pleasure of playing with family or friends
through board games that are easy to explain and learn.

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Welcome to the exciting world of board games !

At SAVANA , you will find a selection of board games suitable for all ages and all tastes . Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the world of board games, we have exactly what you need for unforgettable moments with family or friends .

Because at SAVANA, we are convinced that board games are much more than just entertainment.

They are catalysts of memories, creators of bonds and generators of laughter. That's why we strive to bring you games that are easy to explain, learn and play , so everyone can join in and enjoy the experience.

Imagine yourself gathered around a table with your friends or family , eyes sparkling with excitement, ready to dive into a playful adventure . Whether you choose a hilarious party game, an addictive strategy game, or a cooperative game where you have to join forces, you are guaranteed to have an extraordinary time .

Our board games are specially designed to suit all ages , from the youngest to the oldest. We firmly believe that play transcends generations and creates unbreakable bonds between family members and friends . This is why we have carefully selected games that will allow you to share laughter, challenges and moments of complicity.

Whether you're a fan of competitive games or prefer co-op, we've got games to suit your style of play. Explore our collection of board games and discover fascinating worlds , innovative game mechanics and unique experiences.

If you want to find out amazing facts about board games or just want to check out some new games, we invite you to check out our board game blog .