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SOCIAL Couples - The Small Questions of the Big Discussions

SOCIAL Couples - The Small Questions of the Big Discussions

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Discover SOCIAL Couples , the simple, playful and universal concept of the card game triggering great discussions.

✅ SOCIAL Couples is 110 questions , for 110 great discussions !

⌛️ So what are you waiting for to (re)discover your partner?

Duration of a game

15 to 30 minutes of unique discussions

Numbers of players

From 2 players


From 16 years old

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(Re)discover your relationship!

Let yourself be guided by the 5 themes of the game ⚡:
> Experiences
> Emotions
> Projects
> Privacy
> Inspiration
...And set off to (re)discover your love.

Make way for complicity, tenderness and laughter.... ❤️

The Little Box of Great Discussions

  • 110 cards

  • 5 themes

Because a video is worth a thousand words...

All the answers to your questions ⬇

SOCIAL Couples, what is it?

What could be better than a card game to facilitate your exchanges and strengthen your relationship?

Much more than a game, SOCIAL is a positive communication tool to enhance your relationship. 110 small questions designed to trigger 110 big discussions within your relationship.

Relive your most beautiful memories, share your emotions and build your most beautiful projects together.

What is the objective of the game ?

Create the opportunity for discussion and take the time to communicate and listen to each other within your couple. There is no right or wrong answer, only one winner: the relationship. The game mechanics are unique to each love story.

How do you play SOCIAL Couples?

1 - Draw a card and read it to your partner
2 - Answer the question one after the other
3 - Explore together all the subjects that she inspires you

The questions are divided into 5 themes:

Where to play?

A pocket format that can be taken anywhere and can be played from your sofa, during a candlelit dinner or a romantic getaway...

When to play?

SOCIAL Couples can be played at any time. You can play one card or several cards according to the desired rhythm.

For what occasions offer SOCIAL Couples?

An ideal gift for Valentine's Day, weddings and anniversaries... SOCIAL Couples is as suitable for the magic of a first date as it is for the endurance of a thousandth.

Are there other versions of the SOCIAL game?

SOCIAL is a range: there is a SOCIAL Families edition.

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