Our Impact

At SAVANA, we are committed to sustainable and socially responsible practices. We believe that business has a role to play in contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world. We therefore wish to commit ourselves to acting responsibly on the environmental, social and societal levels.

The game has always been a vector of social bond. It allows players to flourish and share unique moments. At SAVANA, we wanted to help strengthen this social and intergenerational bond by creating our games. Thus, we want to allow our players to experience unforgettable moments. In the continuity of these motivations, we wish to engage with our employees and the members of our team for their well-being, the well-being of society and the well-being of the environment. 

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I. Impact of board games on social ties

Playing a board game is first and foremost a social activity. Play is about spending time together and creating memories . Sharing a game experience with others strengthens and/or creates bonds between players.

Board games can help break the ice and facilitate social interaction. When we play, the game becomes a common ground , offers topics for conversation and gives players a reason to engage with each other.

Through games, it is possible to develop social skills such as communication, collaboration and conflict resolution. In some games, players must work together to achieve a common goal like in Tengo Duo or, conversely, compete to win like in Take Gem All or Beat That! , which can help build their ability to work in a team and interact with each other.

Playing board games can help reduce stress and promote well-being, which can positively impact social relationships by reducing tension and creating a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere .

II. Inclusion and accessibility of our games

We are committed to creating board games that are accessible to as many people as possible. We want to continue our efforts to create games that can be played from the age of 8 and that allow you to share moments of laughter and joy, regardless of age, gender, social background or sexual orientation.

III. Durable objects

The board game can be considered a durable item in that it can be reused and played many times over the years. Unlike video games that can become obsolete or plastic toys that can break easily, a quality board game can last for years or even decades.

This is why our board games are designed to be resistant and durable, with quality materials. These materials are often recyclable or compostable, which also contributes to the sustainability of our games .

IV. Responsible materials

In order for our games to be as sustainable as possible , we are committed to exploring all possibilities with the aim of using responsible materials in the production of our board games. Our games are mainly made of paper and cardboard. We are committed to exploring options with the ultimate goal of completely eliminating plastics from our packaging and using recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

V. Local production of our games

Our Tengo Duo , Take Gem All and Social games are Made in France or Made in Europe. This choice was motivated by our desire to make a long-term commitment to a responsible approach.

Indeed, by choosing to produce our games locally, we are choosing to reduce SAVANA 's carbon footprint by limiting our greenhouse gas emissions linked to the transport of our products.

In addition, this local production can promote local employment and contribute to the economic development of the regions in which our products are manufactured.

By choosing to produce locally, we ensure compliance with the social and environmental standards in force in European countries.

VI. Carbon offset project for productions outside Europe

Some of our games are currently manufactured outside Europe, such as Beat That! . Aware that this has an impact on the environment, we are considering a carbon offset project for these products.

VII. Work environment and local management

We do everything to create a rewarding and pleasant work environment, where employees feel safe, supported and fulfilled. We make every effort to ensure that everyone who works with us feels comfortable and can express themselves freely.

Meetings are organized regularly to discuss well-being at work in order to ensure the development of each of the Savaners . We are committed to creating a culture of closeness and support for our employees. We provide a pleasant working environment where employees have the opportunity to develop professionally and progress in their careers.

VIII. Work-life balance 

We are committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance for our Savaners . We offer the possibility of working remotely from time to time to allow employees to reconcile their professional and personal obligations.

IX. one-team

We make every effort to strengthen the social bond between employees by regularly organizing team building activities.

We are committed to strengthening the social bond between employees by regularly organizing team building activities. Here is an example of the latest team building: Karaoke, Blind Test, Among Us evening.

X. Recruitment 

We are committed to promoting equal opportunity in our recruitment practices. All the candidates we receive are positioned on the same equal footing regardless of their age, gender, social background, religion or sexual orientation. We believe that diversity of experience and perspective is essential for SAVANA and for society as a whole.

XI. Transportation

We are committed to encouraging the use of public transport to get to work. Currently, all SAVANA employees travel to the site by public transport.

SAVANA is committed!

We are committed to implementing this charter by ensuring that it is respected by all members of the company. We will be transparent about our practices and we will encourage open communication with our stakeholders. We will also seek to continually improve our environmental and social impact and achieve ambitious goals for a more sustainable future.

By signing this charter, we commit to taking concrete measures to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world.