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Everything you need to know about the Paris est Ludique festival! 2024.


Welcome to our article dedicated to the world of board games! Today, we immerse you in the heart of the Paris est Ludique festival! 2024 , the long-awaited event for all board game enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, due to another event planned on the Lawn of Reuilly on the date initially announced, the 11th edition of the Paris festival is Ludique! will now take place on July 1 and 2, 2023 , rather than June 24 and 25 as previously announced.

Get ready for an unforgettable fun experience! In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this exceptional event , from dates and location to highlights, special activities and what's to come. Get ready to dive into a world of thrilling games and discoveries!

I. Back to previous editions

The Paris is fun festival! is an annual event that has had many successes over the years. Each edition has brought its share of highlights and memories shared between enthusiasts. Visitors were able to discover a wide variety of games, meet talented creators and participate in unique activities. Previous editions have been marked by exciting tournaments, captivating demonstrations and inspiring encounters.

II. The highlights of the festival

A. Discovery of exhibitors and publishers present

One of the most exciting moments of the festival is discovering the exhibitors and publishers present . You will be able to explore a multitude of stalls full of original and captivating games. Renowned publishers as well as independent creators will be present to make you discover their latest creations. It's the perfect opportunity to find new games to add to your collection and meet key industry players.

B. Presentation of new games and prototypes

At the Paris is Playful festival! 2024 , game lovers will have the chance to be among the first to discover new games and prototypes. You will be able to exclusively test games that will cause a sensation in the months to come. Innovative game mechanics, captivating themes, and stunning artwork await. It's a unique opportunity to dive into new playful worlds and come away with playful favourites.

C. Meetings with renowned creators and illustrators

Another major attraction of the festival is the opportunity to meet game creators and illustrators . You can chat with them, ask your questions, get autographs and learn more behind the scenes of the creation of a game. It's a unique opportunity to meet inspiring personalities and share your passion for board games.

D. Tournaments and Competitions for Competitive Players

If you are a competitive player eager for challenges, the festival offers tournaments and competitions suitable for all levels. Compete against other passionate players in friendly competitions and measure yourself against opponents at your level. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or an expert at speed games, you'll find competitions that will put your skills to the test.

E. Free play spaces and demonstration tables

The festival also offers free play areas where you can sit and play a variety of games. You will be able to discover new games, share friendly moments with other players and enjoy the fun atmosphere that reigns in these dedicated spaces. The demonstration tables will allow you to familiarize yourself with the rules of new games and to benefit from the advice of the facilitators present.

III. Special activities and entertainment

A. Conferences and round tables on board game trends

The festival also offers conferences and round tables led by industry experts. You will be able to discover the latest trends in board games, discuss with professionals in the sector and obtain valuable advice. These moments of enriching exchanges will allow you to better understand the evolution of the board game and to explore new perspectives.

B. Workshops and demonstrations led by experts

To deepen your knowledge and skills in board games, take part in workshops and demonstrations led by experts. They will reveal strategic tips, game techniques and mechanics specific to certain games. Take advantage of these learning moments to improve your game and discover new facets of your passion.

C. Signing sessions with authors and gaming personalities

Don't miss the signing sessions with authors and personalities from the gaming world. You will have the opportunity to meet inspiring people who have marked the board game industry. Get autographs, interact with them and create unique memories of your participation in the festival.

D. Special events and surprises not to be missed

Stay tuned for special events and surprises planned during the festival. Exclusive animations, game previews, spectacular demonstrations and many other surprises await you. Get ready to experience unique moments and leave with unforgettable memories of this 2024 edition of the Paris est Ludique festival!

IV. Practical advice to make the most of the festival

A. Preparing for your visit

To take full advantage of the festival, prepare your visit in advance. Get your tickets in advance to skip the lines and check the show times to plan your day. Also plan a backpack to carry your purchases and plan comfortable clothes for an optimal experience.

B. Planning activities not to be missed

Consult the festival program and identify the activities that interest you the most. Note the schedules of conferences, workshops, tournaments and signing sessions so you don't miss a thing. Also plan some downtime to explore exhibitors' booths and play your favorite games.

C. Suggestions for on-site dining

The festival offers a variety of food stalls where you can eat in between wild games. Take advantage of these moments to recharge your batteries and discover culinary specialties. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day to stay at your best.

D. Testimonials and feedback from participants

To give you an overview of the atmosphere and the experience of the Paris est Ludique! show, we have collected testimonials from visitors and players who have taken part in previous editions. Discover their highlights, their discoveries and the memories that marked them. These testimonials will help you immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the show and prepare you for an exceptional experience.

V. What's new for the 2024 edition

The 2024 edition of the Paris show is fun! promises to be even richer in discoveries and surprises. Renowned special guests, new highlights and innovative games are to be expected. Stay tuned for official announcements so you don't miss anything about this major event in the world of board games. Get ready to live unique moments and discover upcoming trends in the world of board games.


The Paris show is fun! 2024 promises to be an unmissable event for all board game enthusiasts. We have explored together the highlights, special activities and practical advice to fully enjoy this unique fun experience. Don't forget to prepare for your visit, plan your activities and stay open to the surprises and encounters that await you. The Paris show is fun! 2024 promises you unforgettable moments, captivating discoveries and total immersion in the magical world of board games.
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