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The IJF 2023 experience: a memorable journey for SAVANA


The International Games Festival: history and importance for the board game industry

The International Games Festival (IJF) was established in 1986 in Cannes, France. It was then a small event with a handful of exhibitors and a few hundred visitors. Over the years, the festival has grown to become one of the largest board game industry events in the world. The FIJ has also gained international recognition, attracting visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

The FIJ, a key event for the board game industry

The FIJ has become a key event in the field of board games. It attracts the biggest publishers, designers, authors , distributors, investors and national and international journalists. Exhibitors can showcase their latest games, receive feedback and constructive criticism, and meet potential distributors and investors. For game designers, the festival is a unique opportunity to test their prototypes with experienced players during “Les Nuits du Off” . A time dedicated to sharing and presenting future jewelry every evening from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.!

Visitors from all over the world and a constantly increasing attendance 🚀

The IJF attracts visitors from around the world every year, including players, families, educators, industry professionals and journalists. Attendance at the festival continues to grow each year. In 2022, the FIJ welcomed more than 80,000 visitors over 4 days.

The festival has become a popular destination for families and board game enthusiasts from all over the world, who come to discover the latest novelties and meet the game authors.

The impact of IJF on the board game industry 🃏

The International Games Festival is an essential showcase for the board games presented. Games awarded at the FIJ and awarded with the As d'or label , enjoy significant recognition with players and the gaming industry in general, which often results in a notable increase in their sales.

We would like to warmly congratulate the winner of the Ace d'or Game of the Year, "Akropolis", as well as its publisher, Gigamic , for their success during this event. We would also like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the other categories: Flashback for the Child category, Challengers for the Insider category and Ark Nova for the Expert category.

SAVANA's experience at the International Games Festival ( FIJ) in Cannes

Strengthen the SAVANERS team 🦁

The event was not only an opportunity to showcase our next game, but also allowed our team to bond and work together towards a common goal. We learned how to attract visitors to our booth, share emotions by talking about Tengo Duo , Beat That! , Take Gem All , Traitors on Board! and highlight our passion for board games.

An opportunity to present our latest game prototype, Traitors on Board! and assert our place 🏴‍☠️

We had two objectives with the whole team:

  • Affirm the presence of SAVANA in the world of board games by presenting itself at the FIJ with a stand for the second consecutive year with our games such as Beat That! , Tengo Duo , Take Gem All .
  • Introducing our latest prototype "Traitors on Board!" to the general public in order to get as much feedback as possible, improve the game by taking into account the more than 350 feedback obtained and offer you in September 2023 a game that meets your expectations. 💪

We were also able to continue to increase awareness of Beat That! by being filmed by Konbini and the journalists of “Quotidien”… you may see us very soon on your screens. 😉


We couldn't have done it without the support of our amazing SAVANERS team. They worked tirelessly to ensure our booth was running smoothly, visitors were engaged and feedback was recorded.

Thanks to Laura for her magnificent illustrations, Duncan for the explanation of the rules, Carla, Félix and Swan for the constant animation on the stand and thanks to Jean-Xia and Romain for having made this adventure possible!

Next for us 👀

Our trip to FIJ has motivated us to continue creating innovative and engaging board games that bring people together.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the industry to deliver games that are fun, challenging and unforgettable.

We will therefore now... take a little rest. But above all, take into account all the feedback we've had to continue improving Traitors on Board! and keep you informed of this wonderful adventure on our social networks and punctually in our newsletter.

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Félix, your guide in this adventure 🦁

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