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LA SAVANEWS #2 Traitors on Board: the latest improvements for March 2023

In our previous newsletter, we announced the new features we had brought to Traitors on Board following your feedback. Since the beginning of March, we have been working to make our game accessible to everyone. Today we are proud to present you the improvements we have made to our game.

The crew of Traitors on Board is complete!

Following your feedback during IJF 2023 and other fun events, we have added diversity to the crew of Traitors on Board. Indeed, many of you have told us of your desire to add diversity to the ship: it is now done! We hope the new crew will take you on even more memorable games!

Here is a Before / After of the crew of Traitors on Board:

Before / After of the crew of Traitors on Board!

Traitors on Board, an accessible game for both right-handers and left-handers!

We have also had feedback regarding handling difficulties from left-handed players. According to an INSEE study from 2018, 10% of the French population is left-handed. In order to improve the playing comfort of left-handers, we have added elements in the upper right corner of Loot and Action cards: left-handers now have better playing comfort when holding their cards in their hand.

Here is a Before / After of the new cards (natural grip for left-handers):

A new font for better reading comfort!

A few players have reported difficulty reading Traitors on Board Action cards. In addition, according to a study by the National Association for the Improvement of Sight (ASNAV), more than 3 million people in France are affected by a visual pathology (myopia, astigmatism, etc.). We have therefore chosen a less bold, better calligraphic and slightly larger font to improve the reading comfort of the players.

Here is a Before / After of the Action cards:

Here is a Before / After of the font:

Before / After image of Traitors on Board!

We hope you enjoy these improvements and that you can take advantage of them in your next games of Traitors on Board when it is released in September 2023.

Finally, we wanted to thank our first fleet of more than 350 Pirates (and Mutines) who tested Traitors on Board in preview and who were kind enough to share their feedback on the game with us!

Do not hesitate to send us your comments, because your feedback is invaluable and will allow us to offer you the best possible game.

Félix, your guide in this adventure 🦁

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